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Notice - We are doing facade cleaning only .other cleaning services has been suspended for the time since-update 2017

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Our prices are less then half of what other companies charge In terms of Quality !

Scientifically Researched Cleaning Process at cleaningservices.org.inWith 3 D Cleaning system, we offer unmatched cleaning solutions such as Deep Cleans, Disinfects and Descales.

3 D Cleaning system cleans your premise effectively within less than half the usual time with minimum man power. Our cleaning service professionals will not disturb your daily routine and perform service effectively.

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Our cleaning staff members are well trained as they have to undergo an exhaustive training module before assigning any project. They are trained in accordance with the modern, urban living and varied space layouts.

Safe and Secure
All our staff members are throughly verified. They are also trained with basic first aid as well as to deal with emergency conditions.

Make your surroundings healthy and hygienic with cleaningservices.org.in! We offer eco-friendly and varied range of home cleaning services at your doorsteps. Experience huge range of cleaning services such as cleaning, tidying, ironing and laundry! We are just a phone call away from you.

We deliver our best and high quality services to beautify the world of our clients as their satisfaction comes foremost. In today's world, we don't have much time as we are busy with our careers and family.

To make you spend some quality time with your loved ones, we assure to make your lives healthy, clean, beautiful and dirt-free. Our varied range of cleaning services will undoubtedly make your home and work place one of the best and cleanest places on this planet!

Significant Highlights

Quality Matters

Time Check
We believe that 'Time is Money' and try to deliver our best quality services as early as possible. With the back-up for everything, such as cleaning machines and chemicals, we undertake the cleaning job with complete sincerity and responsibility. In case of any crisis like break down of cleaning equipment, our service vehicle has another to complete the assigned cleaning job in the estimated time without compromising the quality of service.

Health and hygiene comes foremost! All are staff members are regularly health checked and well trained for personal hygiene. During the cleaning services, they use professional hands along with shoe covers. Working bare feet is not allowed!

Our cleaning staff members are well trained as they have to undergo an exhaustive training module before assigning any project. They are trained in accordance with the modern, urban living and varied space layouts.

Safe and Secure
All our staff members are police verified. They are also trained with basic first aid as well as to deal with emergency conditions.

Water Usage
With our unique and modern cleaning methods, there is very limited usage of water, as sanitizers are used for mopping and cleaning the surfaces. Thus, we make your home or work place germ free without wasting water.

Customer Satisfaction
Our motto is complete customer satisfaction and tries to understand your needs and desires at best before undertaking any cleaning assignment.

With our world class cleaning services , we offer healthy and harmless systematic cleaning program. We use eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment in our cleaning solution. We also try our best to recycle your waste goods. Our water conservative cleaning methods lead to cleaning without wasting lots of water.

Cleaning Services, we are at the web by the name of cleaningservices.org.in (SAARTH FACILITY & RETAIL MANAGEMENT SERVICES)Our main aim is to deliver best cleaning solutions without harming environment and surroundings. In Delhi and NCR, Cleaning Services (SAARTH FACILITY & RETAIL MANAGEMENT SERVICES )is undoubtedly one of the most affordable and topmost eco-friendly cleaning solution providers. We believe in healthy, hygienic and eco-friendly atmosphere.

Our professional cleaners are fully trained, equipped and well supervised by their experienced supervisors. To make things compatible to our client's requirements and budget, we also offer customised cleaning services. We offer huge range of facility Management services such as :
residential and commercial cleaning services
dry-cleaning of carpets
Upholstery cleaning services
and Movers-Packers services to Delhi-NCR
Events & Corporate party .

Our well trained dedicated cleaning staff will pay attention to every corner. Incase, you need to pay special attention to specific area then inform our staff members and your wish will be fulfilled.

Our motto is to make our clients happy and satisfied. We assure healthy and clean environment around you with our eco-friendly cleaning services. So, enjoy the best of your time with your dear ones and leave hygiene and cleanliness to us!!

Cleaning Services Highlights:

  • Experienced and well trained & behaved Professoional Team.
  • Eco-friendly and world class cleaning equipments
  • An eye for everyminute detail.
  • Cleaning Services can be customized in accordance with the requirements of clients.

Equipment Used

Advance Cleaning Equipment.
We ensure best and fastest cleaning service with finest and upgraded modern cleaning tools such as Industrial grade vacuum cleaners, steamers, scrubbers, tools, etc. We used finest equipment to complete the assigned job whether it is cleaning or repairing. Every tool has been selected cautiously after going through the assigned cleaning completely. Tools which are not required during the cleaning session will not be carried.

Eco-friendly Cleaning Products
We believe in healthy and clean environment. So, all are cleaning products are food friendly as well as harmless domestically. All of them are non toxic, non-abrasive and effectively sanitize the surroundings. Thus, making your home and work place germs and bacteria free!

Best Quality Dust Busters
In order to reduce dust agitation and increase clean and spotless surfaces of glass windows, mirrors etc., we use best quality micro fiber mops, cloths, washers and dusters.

To deliver world class cleaning solutions, all our cleaning products are from topmost companies that are offering finest cleaning products. Thus, we ensure instant and effective remedies for all your cleaning problems.

Make your world dirt-free and healthy with Cleaning Services.org.in! We at Cleaning Services offer complete professional and world class cleaning services. Feel the magic of sparkling floors, wonderful ceilings, healthy kitchen, hygienic bathroom and crystal clear corners of your home and work place.

We make day/short /long term contracts for kinder garten, Malls, shops, hotels, restaurants, restaurants kitchens, kothis, villas, office, call centre,warehouse cleaning. We perform deep, steamed, and green cleaning
for contracts - send email to: officer@cleaningservices.org.in

Welcome to Cleaning Services! it's a web prescence of saarth facility & retail management services. This company is part of Norweigian no.1 cleaning company Renhold, which is biggest company in norway & having rich prescence in united Kingdom. We assure ultimate house cleaning, commercial cleaning and mover-packers solutions all across Delhi and NCR. With our unique and eco-friendly cleaning techniques, we deliver our best cleaning services to our esteemed clients. In order to meet the demands of our clients, we customise our services.

Our specialised cleaning services are supervised by professional cleaning staff and eco-friendly equipments. Our flexible cleaning services will meet every individual�s need and budget. At Cleaning services, we deliver complete range of services such as office cleaning programs, complete facility management, building maintenance etc.

We aim to offer best standard cleaning services with best of our resources and skills. Our excellent cleaning services and professional customer services drive our clients again and again back to us.

our Aim

We aim to deliver Internation standard Quality Service. We want to make your surrounding clean and healthy with our timeless cleaning methods and eco-friendly cleaning equipments.

our Service

To meet the current changing lifestyles and hectic schedule, our cleaning and movers-packers solutions are customised fully. We have huge range of cleaning services to meet the budget of every pocket. We also under contractual cleaning orders for specific period.