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Residential & Office Painting services

Painting(Exterior & Interior) services

Wall Painting

Home is regarded as one of the safest and most beautiful places in the world! This is a place where memories and all our dreams come true. So, it must look most beautiful and stunning places in the world.
For those who are looking for some reliable and finest wall painting services then you are certainly at the right place. Painting is undoubtedly the easiest and most affordable way to make your home beautiful and fresh. Besides appearance, painting also protects from the ageing process and increases the market value of your home.
To give your home or work place a perfect look, our expert painters and decorators will leave no stone unturned. They work hard to give a perfect look to your home and office. All our professionals have to undergo a selection process which comprises of tests and review by the panel members.

Paint Your Home

To give a perfect look to your home, we make the accurate colour selection and applying paint over walls/surface by experts. With application of standard operating procedures and best practices in industry, we work hard to fulfil all our customer demands.
We are well equipped with application of all types of paints and wall decorations such as primer, putty, plain finishes, special effect paints/textures/patterns, signature finishes, enamels, solvent based paint, water based paint, wood care products, metal care products, stencils/ wall prints, etc.

Why We
Professionals and Experts
Our expert painting professional will give best of their services without any hassle as we believe in customer satisfaction.
Real Time Service. No call waiting or pending jobs!
For any assistance, you can call us and you will be assisted immediately. Similarly, we complete our job at assigned time.
Huge Range of Wall Textures and Patterns.
We offer a varied range of wall textures and patterns, stencils, imported finishes for wall decoration.
Our skilled professionals also create new patterns and if you want can replicate new designs.
Colour and Style Selection

With our colour and style experts, there is no need to worry, as they will assist in the selection modern colour at negligible charges.
Warranty 2 year

How We Work
Enjoy incredible and tension free painting experience with our professional painting experts! Our painting services are par excellence and follow standard procedures to deliver best of results within time.
• You can contact us either by calling or mailing us.
• To understand your requirements, there will be a site visit by our associate.
• Site visit by our supervisor to understand site need, correct measurement, product finalization and budget.
• Work plan will be discussed and delivered on time.
• We will provide material by trained applicators.
• Painting process will be done by our trained professionals.
• Cleaning of the site and placing of furniture by our team.
• We will deliver invoice and warranty cards by courier.

For any kind of query, assistance or advice, you are free to contact us any time. Our motto is to give complete value to your money and save your time.

Call for contracts for kinder garten, Malls, hotels, restaurants, restaurants kitchens,shops, villas, office, call centre,warehouse paintings. for contracts - send email to: officer@cleaningservices.org.in