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Pest Control services

Pest Control services

Looking for reliable and authentic Pest Control Services then you are certainly at the right place! We are one of the leading pest control service providers featuring systematic management and outstanding administration. With our world class quality of services, we offer one of the finest Bed bug control services at a pocket friendly price.

Bed Bugs are immensely harmful for the health and hygiene of our family, as they feed on our blood. They can survive for a whole year without meal under cool conditions. When the host is sleeping, they are more active and harmful.

The usual locations of Bed bugs are cracks and crevices, including mattress seams, sheets, furniture, behind baseboards, electrical outlet plates and picture frames. Hotels are their favourite destinations as they are cool and lots of rooms.

Bed bugs Presence

• Their presence can be determined with the shedding of skins when they grow.
• Adult bug is equal to size of an apple seed.
• You can also determine their presence with bites on skin which causes red welts.
These bed bugs are present everywhere, whether office, store, hotel, home or gym. They can hide and survive anywhere. In order to control them, you need to call pest control specialists. However, you can prevent or reduce their existence by taking a few preventive steps.
• All clutter must be removed.
• Washing and drying of bed linens at high temperature.
• If you are bringing any second hand furniture, you need to inspect properly.
Multiplications of Bed bugs are very fast! Thus, if you detect them early you must take necessary step to stop their growth. With our protection process, we assess the infected place, implement cleaning solutions and monitor them patiently.
Step 1

Your home will be fully inspected by our expert staff such as bed, furniture, rugs, and linens. To check cracks and crevices, tools will be used. Some of the signs of Bed bugs are casting off skins, small reddish spots, live or dead bugs, eggs etc.
Step 2

After inspection and confirmation of infestation, our professional will recommend a treatment plan. Treatment will be done according to the severity of the problem. To prevent further infestation, a periodic monitoring is necessary. Call our executives now and get rid from these harmful agents of some deadly diseases from your home!

For any kind of query, assistance or advice, you are free to contact us any time. Our motto is to give complete value to your money and save your time.

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