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Sofa Cleaning Services in Delhi NCR by cleaningservices.org.in.

Sofa seats Cleaning

A stunning sofa set enhances the appearance of your living room. Make your sofa germ free, clean and odour free by opting for a regular professional cleaning of your sofa set. Enhance the beauty of your living room with our world class sofa cleaning services.

Our ultimate sofa cleaning services remove soil, skin oil, stains and germs from the furniture. We take special care while cleaning upholstery as it mainly comprises of different fibers. To avoid any kind of spots or shrinkage of fabric, special cleansing agents are used. Regular sofa cleaning is a must if you have pets at home.

With our brilliant and experienced Sofa cleaning services, we assure complete cleaning and germ free sofa sets. We specialise in cleaning of every kind of Upholstry and Fabric like Haitian cotton, Wool Blend, Leather, Nylon, Polyester, Microfiber, Microsuede, Velvet, Vinyl etc. Enlighten up your living room with sparkling clean sofa.

We makes day/short /long term contracts for kinder garten, Malls, hotels, restaurants, restaurants kitchens,shops, villas, office, call centre,warehouse cleaning. We perform deep, steamed, and green cleaning
for contracts - send email to: officer@cleaningservices.org.in