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Water Tank Cleaning Services in Delhi NCR by cleaningservices.org.in.

Water Tank Cleaning Services

Stored tank water is a source of lots of impurities, pathogens bacteria and germs which are collected in the bottom of the tank. In spite of regular water extraction to meet domestic requisites, some quantity of water remains there and transforms as a breeding source of mosquitoes, deleterious germs and pathogens bacteria. All of them are great source of diseases and harmful germs. Moreover, stagnant water leads to the multiplication of bacteria inside the water and making it incompatible for consumption and fulfilling domestic requirements.

Make your life free from all germs and bacteria with our world class water tank cleaning services! In order to meet compliances with our quality standard, we frequently monitor the quality of the cleaning processes and services. We also conduct frequent internal and external audits.

Intensive Water Tank Cleaning

• Residential Apartments and Home : (Min 2)
• Hotels and Restaurants :Ring :9910840051
• Hospitals and Nursing Homes Call :9910840051
• Residential Colonies :Ring :9910840051
• School and Colleges Ring :9910840051
• Govt. Buildings and Private Institutions. Ring :9910840051

Our motto is complete customer satisfaction with strong background of well equipped and hardworking professionals. Our dedicated team members are punctual and offer unmatched customer service.

Our major highlights are reliable solutions, world class service, fair business dealing, timely delivery and best working professionals. We have specialisations in cleaning water tanks for domestic, commercial and industrial. We have huge expertise in scientific cleaning of underground and overhead water storage tank cleaning.

We makes day/short /long term contracts for kinder garten, Malls, hotels, restaurants, restaurants kitchens,shops, villas, office, call centre,warehouse cleaning. We perform deep, steamed, and green cleaning
for contracts - send email to: officer@cleaningservices.org.in